Slideshow Player Features

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Slideshow Player doesn’t use Flash technology, so it will work under most platforms that support JavaScript, including mobile browsers. And a modern browser with HTML5 support will reveal additional functions in Slideshow Player.

At the moment Slideshow Player has been tested at the following platforms:




Also, I recommend reading these recommendations regarding the choice of a browser. In particular this applies to owners of Internet Explorer 6 and 7, or other outdated browsers.

Fullscreen Mode

Most of browsers switch to the fullscreen mode if you press the F11 key (Cmd-Shift-F on Mac). If that doesn’t work for you, try to search browser’s menu for the fullscreen mode command.

Some browsers may leave a toolbar even in the fullscreen mode. In order to switch to the real fullscreen mode you will need either to install a plugin (for Firefox), or run your browser in the Kiosk Mode (for Internet Explorer).


The filter allows you to create your own custom digital art galleries by configuring the appropriate parameters or combining them with each other.

Image Tags

You can take any tags from the tag cloud to specify the themes of images you would like to include or to exclude from your custom gallery. A plus sign near the tag means you want to include images with that tag to your gallery. A minus sign near the tag excludes images with such tag. Unsigned tag works similar to the plussed tag unless multiple tags are selected.

Multiple tags with a plus sign mean that every image must have all these tags assigned to it. While multiple unsigned tags includes images with at least one of the selected tags.


+girl, -erotic - includes images with the “girl” tag, while images with the “erotic” tag are excluded from the list. The same effect is achieved with girl, -erotic. This way a gallery will contain non-erotic girl images.

+girl, +portrait, -erotic - includes images having both the “girl” and the “portrait” tags, but not having the “erotic” tag assigned to them. This will produce a gallery with non-erotic girl portraits.

car, bike, -truck - includes images having either the “car” or the “bike” tags (or both), but not the “truck” one. This will produce a gallery with cars and bikes, excluding trucks.

-sci-fi, -space - shows all images, except the ones containing the “sci-fi” or the “space” tag.

Image Type

You can filter the gallery to the specific type of artworks: photos and/or pictures.


You can specify the way images are displayed. At this time you can sort them by rating or by popularity (that is: how often an image is added to favorites). If no options are selected, the slideshow contains images recently added to the digital art gallery.

My Favorites

Shows your favorite images only. Note that all other filter settings doesn’t work here, except Show Viewed

Show Viewed

The images you have already viewed are not displayed again, unless you turn on this option.



The amount of seconds each image stays on the screen. After that, the next image is shown. The minimal value is 2 seconds.


How many images are preloaded onto your computer while you’re looking at the current one. This option provides smooth transition between images, so you don’t have to wait when the current image switches to another. Maximum is 10, minimum is 1.


If there are no more images that would fit your filter settings, this option turned on will display them again from the beginning. The Play button in that case shows images in the sequence they were loaded to the slideshow. If the option is turned off, Slideshow Player shows the wait window and waits for new images on the server.


I constantly improve Slideshow Player capabilities and plan to release HTML5 support shortly. At this moment I'm working over the following features:

Offline Work

If the Internet connection is lost, you’ll still be able to work with Slideshow Player in a browser. Rate images, add pictures and photos to favorites, and view preloaded pictures and many more. Whenever the connection is restored, your local changes are synchronized with the remote database at our server automatically.

Local Store

Allows you to save individual digital art galleries at your computer to look later without a connection to Internet. This is a special case of the more general Offline Work option.

Image Output

In addition to the standard image output method based on cropping the image to your screen ratio, there will be other ways of displaying the image, for example: scrolling without a crop.

Custom Galleries

At this time you can only create one custom gallery and save its settings. If you create another gallery then, the settings of the old gallery are lost. That is why I'm working over the way to give you a possibility to have as many custom galleries as you need, to name them any way you like and to publish at your blog or website.


The Filter will have the way to filter particular images, specifying their ids and author’s name.

I'm looking forward at your feedback and suggestions on how I can improve Slideshow Player. I will be glad to hear from you at