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Ussr Picture  (3d, sci-fi, ussr, cyborg, astronaut)Clubs Picture  (2d, anime, ussr)
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  • Clubs Picture  (2d, anime, ussr)

    Clubs Ussr Picture

    Picture for not commercial visual novel, location "old clubs" I wish to convey the atmosphere of good cartoons and anime, play of light and shadows. I hope you enjoy. as inspiration, Makoto Shinkai works, and "The Animatrix" "Beyond"episode Koji Morimoto directing.
    2d, anime, ussr
  • Berries Picture  (2d, illustration, girls, berry, ussr, female, woman)

    Berries Ussr Picture

    The girl has drowned the moron in a flank with jam. He didnt wish to pay for the goods.
    2d, illustration, girls, berry, ussr, female, woman