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Supermonkey Picture  (2d, fan art, monkey, superman, hero, comics)Speeding Bullet Picture  (2d, sci-fi, robot, mech, comics, superman, metropolis)
Le dimanche en famille Picture  (2d, illustration, laundry, superman)Running away Picture  (3d, cartoon, superman)Superman vs. Doomsday Picture  (2d, illustration, super hero, superman, fantasy)Bizarro Superman Picture  (3d, fan art, superman, zombie)But friends are good Picture  (2d, illustration, batman, superman, cartoon)

Newest Superman Pictures

  • Bizarro Superman Picture  (3d, fan art, superman, zombie)

    Bizarro Superman Picture

    This was sculpted in zbrush and rendered in 3dsmax using mental ray and the built in hair system in 3dsmax.   It's based on the Bizarro Superman that Eric Powell drew in Action Comics.
    3d, fan art, superman, zombie
  • But friends are good Picture  (2d, illustration, batman, superman, cartoon)

    But friends are good Superman Picture

    Pencil watercolor pastel photoshop.
    2d, illustration, batman, superman, cartoon
  • Running away Picture  (3d, cartoon, superman)

    Running away Superman Picture

    Remember when we were young, we didn't know what's good and what's bad... how we sometimes destroyed our toys and our parents told us how wrong that was, and that we should try to imagine that that toy was a real person or an animal. Most of us develop emotional intelligence over young age, we learn that what we did to that toy was wrong and to us that toy was the only lesson we needed. But there is also a dark side of humanity, those few that actually enjoyed hurting that toy, those few that, as they grew up, left their tortured toys behind and took a wrong turn...
    3d, cartoon, superman