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KAM (shaman) Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, mythology)Shaman Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, dragons)
Shaman's Dragon Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, dragon, girl, woman)Orc Shaman Picture  (2d, fantasy, character, orc, shaman)The little shaman Picture  (2d, portrait, little girl, indian, voodoo, shaman)Shaman Picture  (2d, fantasy, orc, character, shaman, forrest, fenix)Melisandre Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, fan art, sorceress)Dark Lantern Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman)The herbalist Picture  (2d, illustration, mage, shaman)Orc Shaman Card Picture  (2d, illustration, fantasy, orc, shaman)Gobelin shaman Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, goblin, magic, mage)L5R - Fudo Picture  (2d, fantasy, warrior, shaman, illustration)Indian shaman final Picture  (2d, character, shaman, girl, woman, fantasy)Orc Shaman Picture  (2d, fantasy, orc, concept art, shaman)"From Dust" Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, shark, water)Man and falcon Picture  (2d, realism, owl, fantasy, shaman)

Newest Shaman Pictures

  • Gnome Picture  (3d, fantasy, gnome, shaman)

    Gnome Shaman Picture

    Hello follow a personal work I've done in real time dirante my free time hope you like design inspired by the art of chein fei
    3d, fantasy, gnome, shaman
  • Maeva Picture  (2d, fantasy, witch, shaman, magic, staff)

    Maeva Shaman Picture

    This is a character concept I wanted to illustrate. Maeva is a female shaman who lives in the woods, a primal yet magical beauty. She is not wholly evil in nature, however she carries Vajra - a"staff of the dreamcatcher".
    2d, fantasy, witch, shaman, magic, staff
  • Warhammer Fantasy Picture  (2d, fantasy, warhammer, shaman, goblin)

    Warhammer Fantasy Shaman Picture

    It's Goblin for Wahammer fantasy book. Cheers.
    2d, fantasy, warhammer, shaman, goblin
  • Shaman Picture  (3d, fantasy, character, shaman)

    Shaman Picture

    (Concept: Adrian Smith)
    3d, fantasy, character, shaman
  • The herbalist Picture  (2d, illustration, mage, shaman)

    The herbalist Shaman Picture

    It is a cure, just a remedy, you don't trust me?
    2d, illustration, mage, shaman
  • L5R - Fudo Picture  (2d, fantasy, warrior, shaman, illustration)

    L5R - Fudo Shaman Picture

    An illustration done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG awhile ago (2011). Nonhuman • Fudo • Conqueror • Experienced • Unique Art Direstors : Steve Argyle / Adrian Burton Legend of the Five Rings copyright Alderac Entertainment Group.  Official L5R Website -------------- Visit my FB Page! 
    2d, fantasy, warrior, shaman, illustration
  • Shamanism Prophet Picture  (sculpture, character, religion, prophet, shaman)

    Shamanism Prophet Picture

    Beauty shot The prophet of Schumanism travels the lands bringing the word of his lord to those that have been living in darkness. If his words can't sway their thoughts, then his incense beat stick will help them see the way of the lord.
    sculpture, character, religion, prophet, shaman
  • King of beasts Picture  (2d, fantasy, fire, shaman)

    King of beasts Shaman Picture

    For the 2D Drawing jam works in progress here t=11285 and you can vote here  Shaman Picture  (2d, fantasy, orc, character, shaman, forrest, fenix)

    Shaman Picture

    Prime: The Definitive Digital Art Collection Vol 1 Card Game: PRIME WAR
    2d, fantasy, orc, character, shaman, forrest, fenix
  • D&D Art Test: Orc Shaman Picture  (2d, fan art, fantasy, dnd, orc, shaman, dungeons and dragons)

    D&D Art Test: Orc Shaman Picture

    My submission for the D&D art test. fingers crossed!
    2d, fan art, fantasy, dnd, orc, shaman, dungeons and dragons
  • Tribal History - The First Hunt Picture  (2d, fantasy, shaman, warrior)

    Tribal History - The First Hunt Shaman Picture

    An illustration concerning the importance of tribal history and the stories gleamed from your elders. Hey kids, listen to your elders! Done for the Drawing Jam #65.
    2d, fantasy, shaman, warrior