Sculpture Pictures

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Cw2 Picture  (sculpture, figurative)Ape's Head finished Picture  (sculpture, creature, head, monkey)
Grace Jones Picture  (sculpture, figurative, girl, woman)Jedi Salamander Picture  (sculpture, character, star wars, fan art, fantasy)Sandy Sculpture 6 Picture  (sculpture, figurative, sandy, dinosaur)Alien Zbrush Sculpt Picture  (sculpture, creature, alien, fantasy)Conan the barbarian 1/8 Picture  (sculpture, characters, conan, fantasy)Ogre from Dragon Age Picture  (sculpture, character, fantasy)Geisha Bust Picture  (sculpture, character, girl, woman, portrait)Vodun Demon Picture  (sculpture, fantasy, vodun, demon, voodoo, axes)Paul Bunyan Resting Picture  (sculpture, illustration, puppet, folklore, fantasy)God of War Picture  (sculpture, fan art, fantasy, barbarian)Untitled Picture  (3d, fantasy, sculpture, ravens)Dark Shadows/ Mermaid Sculpture 3D Print Picture  (sculpture, figurative, fantasy, girl, woman, snake, mermaid) - Centaur Vs Satyrs Picture  (sculpture, fantasy, creatures, warriors)Scary old Man 03 Picture  (3d, character, scary, sculpture, face)