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Newest Sculpture Pictures

  • Schatten Picture  (3d, fantasy, rider, warrior, sculpture, mythology)

    Schatten Sculpture Picture

    Kerberos is a Greek mythology. Has been rendered to look like a Greek stone statue. Thank you.
    3d, fantasy, rider, warrior, sculpture, mythology
  • Barbara Picture  (sculpture, girl, woman)

    Barbara Sculpture Picture

    Trying out some rendering with 3ds max and mental ray on a couple of zbrush sculptures.
    sculpture, girl, woman
  • Zombie Jessica Bust 3D Print Picture  (sculpture, zombie, 3d, girl)

    Zombie Jessica Bust 3D Print Sculpture Picture

    Print of the Zombie Jessica Bust i sculpted in Zbrush.
    sculpture, zombie, 3d, girl
  • Disimbroo_Front Picture  (fantasy, sculpture, monster)

    Disimbroo_Front Sculpture Picture

    One evening, before going to sleep, I had an inspiration of monster :). The result matches my expectations. There'll be a resin replica and I'll paint it when I'll have time ! 
    fantasy, sculpture, monster
  • Mysterious-Sculpture_2 Picture  (3d, fantasy, sculpture)

    Mysterious-Sculpture_2 Picture

    Mysterious sculpture2 - this is work specially done for It’s Art magazine, This is kind of continuation idea from my previous work "Mysterious sculpture". I have made modeling, texturing and rendering in Zbrush, only composition in Photoshop.
    3d, fantasy, sculpture
  • Gray Dragon Picture  (3d, fantasy, creature, sculpture, dragon)

    Gray Dragon Sculpture Picture

    My intention was to present this creature over a dark and snowy environment, without getting in to too much environmental details. Perhaps on top of a hill at cold night, and a piece of warm light reflects on her face to counter the overall coldness.  Rendered in Zbrush and edited in Photoshop.
    3d, fantasy, creature, sculpture, dragon
  • My Little Pony Girl 02 Picture  (sculpture, character, girl, cute, princess, 3d, fantasy)

    My Little Pony Girl 02 Sculpture Picture

    I designed and modeled this my little pony girl a while back to get her printed and she finally arrived over Christmas :). I love 3D printing! This is a photo of the actual print out.
    sculpture, character, girl, cute, princess, 3d, fantasy
  • Suslik Minning Picture  (sculpture, sci-fi, tank)

    Suslik Minning Sculpture Picture

    The Suslik Minning Suit traditional scupture/model
    sculpture, sci-fi, tank
  • Cyborg Picture  (sculpture, sci-fi, character, cyborg)

    Cyborg Sculpture Picture

    |Cyborg - life size latex head Sculpted, molded, casted and painted by me, during my latest latex course, here at my studio. 4 days
    sculpture, sci-fi, character, cyborg
  • Orc Picture  (3d, fantasy, creature, orc, sculpture)

    Orc Sculpture Picture

    Modeling work inspired by the concepts of master and friend Alex Oliver. Breakdown: -Modeling -Render - MentalRay -Composition * Note: The Shader and Light were developed by 3D artist Mike Nash.
    3d, fantasy, creature, orc, sculpture
  • Shamanism Prophet Picture  (sculpture, character, religion, prophet, shaman)

    Shamanism Prophet Sculpture Picture

    Beauty shot The prophet of Schumanism travels the lands bringing the word of his lord to those that have been living in darkness. If his words can't sway their thoughts, then his incense beat stick will help them see the way of the lord.
    sculpture, character, religion, prophet, shaman
  • Fallen Gates Picture  (2d, illustration, cemetery, graves, angel, sculpture)

    Fallen Gates Sculpture Picture

    Concept Illustration for environment of "Fallen Gates" cemetery. The place is fictional. 
    2d, illustration, cemetery, graves, angel, sculpture