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The Sleeping Beauties Picture  (3d, fantasy, sleeping, cars, rust, old car)Mercedes_w154 Picture  (3d, automotive, auto, old car, sport car)
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  • Into the flaming sunset v2 Picture  (3d, automotive, old car, retro, car)

    Into the flaming sunset v2 Old Car Picture

    Wanted to capture the warm, almost burning feeling of the sunset on theblack paint of the Cord Convertible. The HDRi was rotated 170 degreesand it isn't looking very realistic, however, I was aming for anotherthing as I said above. Hope you like it.
    3d, automotive, old car, retro, car
  • Zapor in our garage Picture  (3d, automotive, car, old car)

    Zapor in our garage Old Car Picture

    Adaption of one 3D Car in the underground garage. this was made with 3ds Max, Mental ray and post-production in Photoshop. Technical infos: - Matte/Shadow/Reflection in the plane under the car - Environnement/Background switcher (mi) with my 360x180 panorama - Lighting only with one skylight + one photometric plane - Rendering with Mental Ray (Final Gather) - 5 passes: Z-depth + Ambient Occlusion + Matte + Shadows + Relections I manually adjust the Z-Depth pass in Photoshop 'cause of the other foreground car.
    3d, automotive, car, old car
  • The Sleeping Beauties Picture  (3d, fantasy, sleeping, cars, rust, old car)

    The Sleeping Beauties Old Car Picture

    Finally had some time to finish this one. Time was pressing me ofcourse so I couldn't quite make it to the standart that I wanted butyou will be the judge of that - I hope you like it!
    3d, fantasy, sleeping, cars, rust, old car