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Octo girl Picture  (2d, anime, octopus, girl, fantasy, creature)No more wine! Picture  (3d, still life, octopus, mental ray, davy jones, funy, cartoon)
Sushi Huntress Picture  (2d, fantasy, girl, woman, hunter, octopus)Siren Picture  (2d, fantasy, character, octopus, woman, portrait)The Offering Picture  (2d, illustration, fantasy, girl, woman, octopus)Gong Li and tentacle Picture  (2d, caricature, girl, woman, octopus)Octo Picture  (2d, fantasy, creature, octopus, underwater, girl, woman, redhead)海底奇缘 Picture  (2d, illustration, fantasy, octopus, mermaid)Mermaid Picture  (2d, portrait, mermaid, octopus, underwater, fantasy)TentiLove Colour Picture  (3d, girl, woman, character, octopus)Poulpy cubique Picture  (3d, fantasy, creature, character, octopus, girl, woman, female)Serge Birault FB 3D CONTEST WIP 3 Picture  (3d, girl, woman, octopus, pin up)He is Special Picture  (3d, cartoon, fish, octopus, shark, funny)The octonauts Picture  (2d, cartoon, octopus, space, robot, army, alien, sci-fi)Insane Asylum II - "The last Breath" Picture  (2d, fantasy, lovecraft, insane, asylum, octopus, surgery, chest)Exoskeleton execution Picture  (2d, fantasy, mouse, octopus, squirrel, gnome, hare, humour)

Newest Octopus Pictures

  • Myrmir - Capstone Project Picture  (2d, fantasy, creature, concept art, mermaid, octopus, female, siren, tentacles)

    Myrmir - Capstone Project Octopus Picture

    The Mir are a conglomerate of various sentient aquatic races that oversees most of the Southern Seas. Feared by seafarers as savages, the Mir are incredibly aggressive to those who travel on their waters, often sinking even the most protected of ships. They come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the small fish-men to the immense sea-goliaths.
    2d, fantasy, creature, concept art, mermaid, octopus, female, siren, tentacles
  • Old Guard Picture  (2d, fantasy, panda, warrior, octopus)

    Old Guard Octopus Picture

    Standing sentry. An honorary position. The flail is more representative of his younger days as a warrior with his preferred weapon.
    2d, fantasy, panda, warrior, octopus
  • Evil Octopus Picture  (3d, fantasy, octopus, interior, laboratory)

    Evil Octopus Picture

    Finally! evilness octupus in a cage is something crazy i wanted to do for a while , so here it goes. For those who have no idea on how it's done and those who know and wanna see how i work(zero mystery there) check the walkthrough!
    3d, fantasy, octopus, interior, laboratory
  • Octopus Picture  (3d, fantasy, character, octopus)

    Octopus Picture

    Done in February 8, 2012 Tried to make something new. I was aiming for mix between cartoon and reality.
    3d, fantasy, character, octopus
  • "octopus drummer" Picture  (3d, cartoon, octopus, underwater)

    "octopus drummer" Picture

    This is my new image. I'm drummer and I like arts besides music. So I made this image by adding my two "passions."
    3d, cartoon, octopus, underwater
  • Octopus Dance Picture  (2d, character, octopus, steampunk, cartoon, girl, woman)

    Octopus Dance Picture

    Image is technically "finished"...but I might make some minor tweaks to it still in the future.
    2d, character, octopus, steampunk, cartoon, girl, woman