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Newest Male Pictures

  • The Portrait of My Father Picture  (3d, portrait, male, old man)

    The Portrait of My Father Male Picture

    Howdy guys, This is my fathers portrait I illustrated 2 years ago. basemesh was done in 3ds max, highrez model detailed in zbrush and texture map created in photoshop. Hope you guys like it.
    3d, portrait, male, old man
  • Roadie Picture  (3d, portrait, character, male)

    Roadie Male Picture

    New character bust done for a tutorial I'm doing for 3DCREATIVE. My tutorial will show all my steps, modeling in 3dsmax, sculpting in Zbrush, texturing and rendering in 3dsmax and Vray
    3d, portrait, character, male
  • Eirik Leifdal Picture  (2d, fantasy, elf, male, portrait)

    Eirik Leifdal Male Picture

    Eirik is an elf, character of mine, from a series of adventures I’ve been dreaming of. Hope I can write and publish it someday.  I had several references to build up his “facial map”.  
    2d, fantasy, elf, male, portrait
  • Mr. Neeson Picture  (3d, male, actor, portrait)

    Mr. Neeson Male Picture

    "Taken" has been on FX for the last few weeks and I couldn't resist  I recently converted to Blender and needed to prove to myself that she is a capable sculpting package, texture painting/projection painting solution, render engine, and compositor in and of itself. And this is what she gave me, minus a slight color correction in ps --
    3d, male, actor, portrait
  • Cas study Picture  (2d, fan art, male, portrait)

    Cas study Male Picture

    Realism study for castiel from supernatural, in ps
    2d, fan art, male, portrait
  • The king of melodrama, a Nick Cave portrait/sculpt Picture  (3d, portrait, male)

    The king of melodrama, a Nick Cave portrait/sculpt Male Picture

    This is a portrait of Nick Cave I've made in my spare time. My goal was to make a portrait of a real person and and to make it as realistic as I could. I also wanted to see if I could make life-like hair and skin in Modo.
    3d, portrait, male