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The Witches Picture  (2d, horror, ruins, swamp, witches, eclipse, fantasy)We Found The Gate To Hell Picture  (2d, fantasy, demon, snow, horror, concept art, matte painting, adventure, ice, hell, mountain)
Swamp monster Picture  (2d, horror, swamp, monster, fantasy, painting)The inn Picture  (2d, horror, architecture, fantasy)Zombie Attack Picture  (2d, horror, zombie, girl, female, woman, attack)Sorrow Picture  (2d, fantasy, horror, death, darkness, crow, sorrow)Escape Picture  (2d, horror, girl, woman, zombies)Ravenous Picture  (2d, horror, blood, pirate, woman, sea, vampire, fantasy)Kos Ule Picture  (2d, fantasy, night, werewolf, horror)Her Scent Picture  (2d, horror, wolf)Bear Picture  (2d, horror, snow, woods, ice, moonlight, bear, girl, female, woman)Hell Picture  (2d, horror, hell, fantasy, architecture, lava)The Karma Guns Picture  (2d, horror, western, gun, female, woman, girl)Swamp dwelling monster Picture  (2d, horror, monster, creature)Deadpoint Picture  (2d, horror, girl, woman, blood)It's Oh so Quiet Picture  (2d, horror, girl, female, woman, face, blood)

Newest Horror Pictures

  • Arachnophobia Picture  (2d, horror, alien, spider, monster)

    Arachnophobia Horror Picture

    Contest entry for the deviantart scared stiff contest. Just for fun though, due to me being German :) Cheers mates
    2d, horror, alien, spider, monster
  • Blue death Picture  (2d, fantasy, horror, death, woman, illustration)

    Blue death Horror Picture

    Just for fun. Drawn and painted in photoshop cs5. No reference :)
    2d, fantasy, horror, death, woman, illustration
  • The_3rd_appearance_characters Picture  (2d, characters, horror, concept art, tentacles)

    The_3rd_appearance_characters Horror Picture

    Those are the characters as mentioned previously. Those character are just made to get better at character design.
    2d, characters, horror, concept art, tentacles
  • Halloween Picture  (2d, horror, fantasy, concept art, scary, halloween)

    Halloween Horror Picture

    A concept art piece that is spooky and showcases halloween.
    2d, horror, fantasy, concept art, scary, halloween
  • Whisper Picture  (2d, fantasy, snake student, horror, sad, mouse, evil, raining)

    Whisper Horror Picture

    This piece is a remake of a painting I did a LONG time ago. I always liked the concept and hoped I could do it justice now with more practice under my belt. The idea is that the snake is persuading the girl to do something she wouldn't ordinarily do...
    2d, fantasy, snake student, horror, sad, mouse, evil, raining
  • Phobia Poster Picture  (2d, horror, poster, crazy, rabbits, cage)

    Phobia Poster Horror Picture

    A poster I designed for "Phobia" short film.  I digitally painted the rabbits on my Ipad and enhanced it in Adobe Photoshop. 
    2d, horror, poster, crazy, rabbits, cage