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Falling Avalanche Picture  (2d, characters, fantasy, star wars, fan art, girls, jedi)Female Warriors Picture  (2d, fantasy, illustration, warrior, female, archer, girls, bow, sword, armor)
Assassin Picture  (2d, sci-fi, illustration, assassin, girls)The Circle Picture  (2d, illustration, girls, witches, fantasy)Men Picture  (2d, illustration, girls, fantasy)Wish Picture  (2d, fantasy, chinese, girls)Bounty Hunter Wars_Sprocket Picture  (2d, sci-fi, concept art, characters, female, girls)Kung fu Girls Picture  (2d, fantasy, characters, girls)Battle ready Picture  (2d, illustration, girls, sci-fi, bike, motorsport, motorcycle)A cover Picture  (2d, illustration, girls)STgirls Picture  (2d, characters, steampunk, girls)Sailor Moon Desktop Wallpaper Picture  (2d, fan art, girls, fantasy, characters)Dark elves Picture  (2d, fantasy, forest, dark, elves, warriors, girls)Sisters Picture  (2d, illustration, face, girls, female, women, sketchbook)Sucker Punch Picture  (2d, fan art, girls, soldiers)Dancers Picture  (2d, realism, girls, asian, japanese, dance, ballet dancer)

Newest Girls Pictures

  • Zorjas Picture  (2d, illustration, fair tale, characters, girls)

    Zorjas Girls Picture

    I decided to play a little with Gaiman idea of there being three instead of just two.
    2d, illustration, fair tale, characters, girls
  • Break Down Picture  (2d, characters, women, action, sci-fi, girls)

    Break Down Girls Picture

    Whoops, I forgot to post this (and a few other pieces)!   This is a repainted version of an older piece of mine--good for practicing poses, unusual color schemes, and lighting.
    2d, characters, women, action, sci-fi, girls
  • "Desert Guardians" Picture  (2d, fantasy, oil painting, characters, arabian, traditional, girls, warriors)

    "Desert Guardians" Girls Picture

    Oil on Linen 24" x 36" 2012
    2d, fantasy, oil painting, characters, arabian, traditional, girls, warriors
  • Vampire Killers Study Picture  (2d, fantasy, vampires, girls)

    Vampire Killers Study Girls Picture

    Been working on this film still study off and on between jobs for the past week or so, Easily one of the worst films ever made, but there are a few nice lighting setups in there somewhere. So, if you're looking for some nice lighting and wondering whether it's worth watching then I can tell you..   no.
    2d, fantasy, vampires, girls
  • Shadowrun - Alexandra and Genesis Picture  (2d, sci-fi, assassin, future, elves, shadowrun, girls)

    Shadowrun - Alexandra and Genesis Girls Picture

    A recent commission depicting a client's original character and her alter-ego.
    2d, sci-fi, assassin, future, elves, shadowrun, girls