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Forest Girl Picture  (2d, fantasy, landscape, animals, girl, woman, forest)Sunny November Picture  (2d, fantasy, steampunk, animals, city)
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Newest Animals Pictures

  • Triclops Picture  (2d, fantasy, animals, cute, creatures)

    Triclops Animals Picture p=154986&posted=1#post154986
    2d, fantasy, animals, cute, creatures
  • Puppies Picture  (2d, fantasy, little girl, puppy, animals)

    Puppies Animals Picture

    I created this picture for Share One Planet competition. It wants to represent the innocence and simplicity of puppies: this is a wonderful age in which there are not differences between humans and animals. World is like a fable in which we are the actors, also a bedroom can become an enchanted forest.
    2d, fantasy, little girl, puppy, animals
  • Surge of fur Picture  (2d, fantasy, illustration, animals, fur, girl)

    Surge of fur Animals Picture

    The surge of a warm fur wraps her. The hair level was expressed more softly than genuine though this animal was ferret.
    2d, fantasy, illustration, animals, fur, girl
  • Skunk Chef Picture  (2d, illustration, animals, character, japanese, slug, skunk)

    Skunk Chef Animals Picture

    Meet Skunk Chef : The latest sample from Paper Dog Studio!
    2d, illustration, animals, character, japanese, slug, skunk
  • Afrika Leftovers :( Picture  (2d, cartoon, crazy, monkeys, animals)

    Afrika Leftovers :( Animals Picture

    Well, this is a larger cartoon piece I gave up on, so Now I am pulling out individual, half finished bits and just saving them as sketches.
    2d, cartoon, crazy, monkeys, animals
  • Sloth Darts Picture  (2d, animals, sloth, darts, cartoon)

    Sloth Darts Animals Picture

    This picture came together in a very sloth-like way, being painted in small doses over a few months. It started as a much smaller, less-detailed image painted in Photoshop and TwistedBrush. I wasn't happy with a couple of things in the early version so I decided to enlarge and improve it.
    2d, animals, sloth, darts, cartoon