C i touch it and it glowz...!!!! Picture

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C i touch it and it glowz...!!!! Picture  (2d, cartoon, funny, mermaid, fantasy)


Hi everyone, this is my First illustration,done entirely in photoshop.
I started sketching Mermaid and frens characters until i came up with something funny, then started painting them and this is where ended up
Its my first complete attempt .Loads of hour of Photoshop and many suggestions from My dear husband Amit.
I was doing well until I got stuck on the Background And Shark's expressions , Amit helped me alot for that..

Special thanks for the special suggestions to Amit,Nevi and Varad..

made for personal portfolio, hope you guys like it
critics are most welcome.

2d, cartoon, funny, mermaid, fantasy

by  Dharati

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