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Requiem Picture  (2d, fantasy, undead, girl, woman)


A recently work,the feeling of this  is similar to my old work"bride of lucifer".But this one was all finished in Photoshop.
  Katherine used to be a daughter of a  duke before she died,and was falling with a groom. In order to  smash her mirage,the dad killed the groom,in spite of the groom did not know anything about that Katherine loved him.after that,Katherine lost her memories and died in a river. Death love her dulcet singing voice,then keep her soul to sing for the dead people who was crossing over the Styx.
  My english still not good enough to support me to write a poem in English.all in Photoshop,about 15hours.hope you like it.thanks.

2d, fantasy, undead, girl, woman

by  Hong Kuang

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