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Guardian of Graxia Card Art Picture  (2d, fantasy, characters)


Here's a small selection of the card art that I made for the Guardian of Graxia PC & Board Game.

I made about 120 cards for the game, so in order to meet my deadline I had to keep my detail quality at a certain level, but they all turned out solid enough considering their original resolution was 955x580 pixels.

I have other favorite pieces among these cards, but I am not sure if I will able to submit them, so if you would like to see the other cards I suggest you buy the game, Apparently it's in pre-order:

Copyright ©2010 Petroglyph

PS CS2, Cintiq 12 WX

To give you an average estimate: each card took me about 2 hours, Yeah, I know I'm fast... :)

2d, fantasy, characters

by  Kerem Beyit

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