Princess and Her Unicorn::Educational Illustration Picture

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Princess and Her Unicorn::Educational Illustration Picture  (2d, fantasy, girl, unicorn)


Little bits and bobs of freelance work I was getting over the last few
months to compliment my income have seriously dried up and it seems no
one wants Milenko any more :)
So, I decided to try and crack into the
field of educational/ instructional illustration.
The image I am
displaying here was created to demonstrate my skill and to illustrate
dangers that little girls might face if they are in possession of a
Now, it was not intended to scare them away from the
purchase, just to draw their attention to the pointy extremities such
animal would posses.

I know it is a stupid joke, but I never
claimed to be the brightest of the lights.

2d, fantasy, girl, unicorn

by  Milenko Tunjic

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