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Intruder Picture  (2d, fantasy, fairy, cute, adorable, little, dragon, cat, kitten, forest)


Jasson had gone to his favorite sugar pond in the moonlit hollow. He
went to the pond and began to drink it's sugary contents, as faery
dragon's diets are sugar and nectar based.
After his long drink he
went to the little stump a few feet away and hopped up onto it and began
to groom his face and neck frills of sugar. While his back was turned
to the forest he heard a rustle and chirped in alarm. He turned around
ready to pounce on the stranger and saw a large black cat staring up at
him with yellow eyes. Jasson was not sure what it was and tried to
frighten it by standing up on his haunches spreading his wings, raising
his frills and growling. The cat cocked its head to the side as its tail
swayed side to side. It mewed curiously up at him.

"Who are you, Fuzzball?" Jasson questioned curiously having never seen a cat before.

Artwork, character Jasson and story Final Requiem is © to me Aubrey M Mills.

2d, fantasy, fairy, cute, adorable, little, dragon, cat, kitten, forest

by  Forsonmeyer

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