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Endless Streets Picture  (2d, sci-fi, cyberpunk, city)


Watching my portfolio I can definitely say I'm more of a Lord of the
Rings/Dungeons&Dragons kind of guy. However, there are 2 sci-fi
movies which had a huge impact on me when I watched them as a kid during
the 80s: "Star Wars" (original trilogy) and "Blade Runner". I remember
being completely blown away the first time I saw "A New Hope". "Blade
Runner", on the other hand, was a bit different. As I watched it over
and over again I slowly started to realize the masterpiece it was. What I
admire most are the moods...the constant rain and darkness, the
blue/green hues, the lonesomeness, the smoke, the juxtaposition of
different architectural styles, the soundtrack...everything just
brilliant! One might think that some of these aspects would equal
discomfort, but they are portrayed in such a romantic way that they
become captivating and soothing.
So, concluding...this painting is an homage (another one) to this superb movie.
would love to hear your thoughts and let me know what can be improved
and I will certainly take it into consideration and try to update it.

2d, sci-fi, cyberpunk, city

by  Andreas Rocha

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