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Realtime character Dawn Picture  (3d, character, female, girl, fantasy, steampunk, warrior, gothic)


This is a realtime character named Dawn. She is the main character of the game Dawnbreak, a techdemo I am producing to show my skills in game production.
Screenshot is taken in realtime in Marmoset Toolbag. No post production except background.
Triangle count is 20.000 for good deformation.

Check out my showreel of Dawn with full turntable at:

I am working on animating her right now so I will post a new reel showing animation in the near future.

Modeling in 3DS Max. Sculpt in Zbrush. Textures in Mudbox + Photoshop.

3d, character, female, girl, fantasy, steampunk, warrior, gothic

by  Chronoxios

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