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Look at me Picture  (2d, portrait, girl, witch, woman, eyes, purple, fantasy)


I worked past year on a illustrated book called "Midnight", published by Dibbuks,It´s written by Viki Tapada and I share the book with others great artist like Ana del Valle/Vampirneko, Arantza Sestayo, Sonia Moruno, Rafater and Carine Grasset.
This is an alternate version  that was done back in july 2010 of the second illustration of my chapter "Azúcar",the one on the book It´s horizontal with fully background and with slighter changes on the character.Also the book includes my work "Only You" and other three never-seen works.
It´s finally on sale and you can purchase It here http://www.dibbuks.com/

2d, portrait, girl, witch, woman, eyes, purple, fantasy

by  Omar Diaz

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