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Advanced Dungeons and Lawyers Picture  (2d, fantasy, orcs, dungeons and dragons, role playing)


Advanced Dungeons and Lawyers (special Bankers edition).

Given our universal love for games, lawyers and more recently, bankers, I thought I'd paint a little scene, not too uncommon amongst us humans, but perhaps a little more unusual in the world below. Imagine, if you wish, a bunch of goblins, orcs, undeads and trolls having a moment of fun that doesn't involve torturing hobbits, insulting elves or pulling the beard of dwarves one hair at a time. We have here a jolly game of Advanced Dungeons and Lawyers where each protagonist is role-playing a...boring human! Living above, in disgusting cities with their clean streets and everyday non-dramatic lives. The more boring, the better, says the rulebook. As such, Gwaar (playing the grandmother), was going from her bedroom to the fridge to get a glass of lukewarm milk, without tripping on Mr Furball, the cataleptic house dog. Gwaar was a dice-roll away from succeeding, but fate intervened and he rolled a 1! Now, there is a special rule for those who roll a 1, as witnessed on the wall behind them. But the DM felt like it might give him a chance for a change, and instead introduced Mr. Smith: a LEVEL 20 LAWYER!

"Ding! Dong!", you hear a doorbell...what do you do now?

2d, fantasy, orcs, dungeons and dragons, role playing

by  Cyril Van Der Haegen

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