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Strange Beauty Picture  (2d, illustration, orc, fantasy, flower)


Strange Beauty

They thought it would be dead

but he don't

He knew that all hope,

it's always on the new tree

in the new leave,

no matter where it grows

or how twisted his heart beats.

there lays the universe:

within the persistence of the new.

He could not stand murder or blood

but, if it's the only way

to find the new

I'll cut your throat he says!,

come! your hope is my house,

is my new blood,

to clean this nature,

this dirty-green-killer-nature,

that has slave my world,

I'll change it!,

I'll find the new sun of my people,

the new path!

away from the blood and the killing.

near the new.

always on the new.

There lays a truth.

within the beauty of the laying corpse

and the indifference of trees.

I'll find that sacred silence,

and told everyone about it.

with the greatness of my new findings,

one day...

I will not be the only one

who seeks the new.

BK-V Studio.

2010 Portfolio

2d, illustration, orc, fantasy, flower

by  Bkvt

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