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Fresh Meat 2 Picture  (2d, fantasy, cemetery)


This painting was inspired by a scene in the movie Б─°The OmenБ─² (original version), where Gregory Peck goes to a cemetery to uncover his sonБ─≥s past. I really love this scene because of the fantastic set they built and the mood they achieved. There is just something about 70s/80s horror movies, like The Fog and The Exorcist for example, that got lost in todayБ─≥s horror flicks. ItБ─≥s probably because they remind me of my youth when I watched them on TV late at night together with my brother, and those moments hold a dear place in my heart. Pretty corny, I know, but that is how I feel. AnywayБ─╕

Another aspect of this painting, which came to me later on in the painting process, is that I have been probably influenced by the beautiful environments portrayed in the game Б─°The Monkey IslandБ─² (both I and II). ItБ─≥s probably because of the colours and the theatrical composition of the elements. So here goes another homage.

Regarding the title, I wanted it to be quite suggestive of what was going on in this scene, without revealing everything and leaving some room for the viewerБ─≥s imagination. It has a Б─°IIБ─² because I have another painting in my portfolio with the same title in a similar macabre context.

2d, fantasy, cemetery

by  Andreas Rocha

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