A Steampunk Fairytale Picture

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A Steampunk Fairytale Picture  (2d, fantasy, steampunk, fairytale, city, jet, plane, flying)


A Steampunk Fairytale

Photoshop CS3

for njoo's contest on deviantart

It's finally finished..! this one took me quite a few days to do.. haah.. one of my longest paintings..

so, i stumbled across njoo's contest journal, and what do you know. steampunk! i knew i had to create a piece for it, the vision of that old cityscape with the smell of clouds and steams just completes me. so here it is folks.. steampunk fairytale. hope it's steamy enough for you..


oh.. forgot to mention, textures used from cgtexture.comand njoo's contest page.. in his journal

2d, fantasy, steampunk, fairytale, city, jet, plane, flying

by  Frank Hong

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