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CU-02 in Love Picture  (2d, robot, love, cat, cook, cartoon)


Itц╜s the year 2056,
More and more restaurants are equipped with chef robots, called
Cooking Units (CU's). These CUs are manufactured by Cooking Unit Inc. and not only come with receipes for numerous meals from all over the world, but they are also upgradeable with even more receipes at your local CU shop.

CU-02 from the restaurant "56's" however, seems to have a malfunction. Every now and then he leaves the kitchen and sneaks off into the backyard. A beautiful white cat is attracting his interest. CU-02 is fascinated by the elegance and beauty of that creature and prepares a meal to get her attention. The cat is excited about the new food source and comes back every night at the same time to get her dinner. But being too proud to show her excitement, she just calmly sits high up on the wall in the backyard of the restaurant, casually waiting for her dinner.

CU-02 takes off his apron and starts to stack garbage cans and cola boxes to be able to climb up the wall. As he finally reaches the top of the wall he is quite intimidated by the sheer beauty of the cat, but he works up the courage to offer her a fish. But the cat just shows no reaction at all and keeps on looking at the moon. CU-02 is desperate, he leaves the fish on the wall, climbs back down and returns to the kitchen. On the next morning though the Cat has disappeared  and so did the fish. Very soon CU-02 forgets his main task which is cooking for the restaurant and he starts to spend more and more time on pleasing the cat.

He realizes that he can't get her attention with only a fish and prepares a beautiful dinner plate decorated with a dandelion. As he reaches the top of the wall with the plate in one hand he slips and one coke box falls down. Climbing back to the ground seems to be difficult but he doesn't care as long as he can stay with the cat. Again he offers the plate to the cat but she keeps on staring at the moon not showing any reaction. The meal in the kitchen is boiling over. After sitting for a while next to the cat CU-02 places the plate carefully on the wall and climbs back down. The next morning the plate is clean and even the dandelion is gone.

The cat likes CU-02 but she won't show it. She lives in an old cardboard box down the alley. Her home is decorated with dandelions she got from CU-02.

Day by day she climbs on the wall waiting for CU-02 serving her dinner. But one day, he doesn't appear to the usual time.
The cat is sitting on the wall, waiting for hours, but no sign of CU-02.
From that day on he never came back. The Cat is worried about him and climbs down to the rear entrance of the kitchen. She finds CU cooking in the kitchen not paying attention to her.
Suddenly she realizes that he has a different number on his chest. "CU-2013".

The chef of the the restaurant found out about the malfunction of CU-02 and sent him back to Cooking Unit Inc. for replacement.
Like all other broken Robots, CU-02 is taken to a robot junkyard. There he lies deactivated and with his arm torn off on the junkyard.

The Cat is desperate and strays through the alleys searching for CU-02. As she jumps on a wall she suddenly freezes. She spotted CU-02 lying on the Junkyard. Anxiously she runs to him and snuggles up to him, but no reaction...
She walks around his lifeless body, crying, lies down under his arm, climbs up to his head and rubs her head against his. Her fur bristles by static friction. Suddenly there are little sparks between her fur and the metal body of CU-02. The cat is scared and jumps of his body.
As a spark hits CU-02's head his eyes start to glow, at first very slightly almost not noticeable and then brighter and brighter. The static friction caused a short-circuit and reactivated the CU-02.
He looks around confused and finds his loving cat sitting in front of his legs looking at him with her eyes wide open. CU-02 is excited and tries to put her on his arm but realizes that his right arm is torn off. He looks around and finds his arm lying beside him and screws it back on. The cat is still looking at him astonished. CU-02 puts her carefully in his hand and she snuggles up to his head. They finally found each other.

Back in the alley the Cat shows CU-02 her home. He is overwhelmed as he sees her room decorated with all the dandelions he picked up for her. He immediately starts to build his new home out of old corrugated iron sheets and metal bars. As soon as he is finished he starts to prepare dinner for the cat. Using an old wheel cover as a dinner plate he serves her the most delicious fishbone decorated with a dandelion. This time the cat is waiting full of expectation looking at CU-02. Finally she enjoys her dinner together with CU-02 in the beautiful moonlight.

The End     

2d, robot, love, cat, cook, cartoon

by  Goro

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