The Awakening Picture

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The Awakening Picture  (2d, fantasy, chinese, awakening, monster)


This is a concept piece based on a chinese myth. Every Lunar New Year, This monster 'Nian' (literally means 'Year') will go to the villages to wreak havoc during the time of the new year. That is why the chinese celebrate the new year with lots of firecrackers and stuff, hoping to drive Nian away.

This is sort of a pre-scene to the above, something like Nian has just awakened from his deep sleep in the mountaintops where its still snowing yet hints of sunlight are showing.

Was deciding whether to post this as i wasn't too satisfied with it. Didn't really spend much time on it.. was just hangoing around in my com. Pls feel free to comment!

2d, fantasy, chinese, awakening, monster

by  Yap Kunrong

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