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Iron Man Picture  (2d, realism, character, ironman, sci-fi)


Hi all
I was a bit skeptical about attempting this piece as I assumed thatpainting how light reflects and bends on metal would be a difficulttask, turns out this was probably one one my easiest paintings, theonly difficult... well not difficult but frustrating part was paintingall 98 bolts on his chest armor and having my computer crash half waythrough the process! (ya I was this close to eating my tablet).

Turned out okay I think, not too shabby, took me about 10 hours to getto this point, could have painted in more details but I need to more onto the next painting. Hope you all like it :) This SUIT ROCKS!!!

Note: (not a paint over image, all painted from scratch)

2d, realism, character, ironman, sci-fi

by  Naycart

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