Nadja, the Mystery of East. Picture

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This is the latest Pinup I have done. She is one of my character for Artepixel's 2009 projects.
Her name is Nadja and she lives in the same age than the Arabian Nights.
She is a unique woman, skilled, enchanting, different, mysterious.
She could travel from kingdom to kingdom without restrictions; was she a witch? was she a genius? was she a thief?
You have to wait a little to know more about her, meanwhile wouldn't you like to be under her spell?
I did it using Photshop and if you like to see more details about her,sketches, references and a sort of step by step through the job, take alook at my website. and enjoy yourself.

2d, fantasy, painting, illustration, girl, woman, snakes

by  Cris De Lara Stockler

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