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Strange behaviour Picture  (2d, figurative, painting, fantasy, concept art, character, digital, illustration)


This image was done for the 'Strange Behavior' challenge. Completely done in Photoshop.

the 'story' that had to accompany it:

Who displays strange behavior hereБ─╕?
Why do we think itБ─≥s strange behavior when three different important wise men are sitting on a couch playing a videogame? All differences and problems set aside to do a thing they all like. Why do we not automatically accept this as a possible truth? ArenБ─≥t we the ones that maybe act funny or even disturbing?

So the question is; who here actually displays strange behavior? The characters in the imageБ─╕ or you?

2d, figurative, painting, fantasy, concept art, character, digital, illustration

by  David Smit

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