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Here WE come Picture  (2d, fantasy, landscape, elephants)


These are some characters I have designed a few months ago but couldn'tfit them into an illustration. This picture introduces two new racesand their natural environment to my world. A humanoid Walrus nomadnamed Abe. Strong willed and burly, nothing slows him down. Hes on aroutine scouting mission for his people with his little helpers. Theseelephant type guys are full size and typically carry weapons, ammo,supplies. From left to right they are Chaawtz, totz, and Howza. Chaawtzis the chief navigator and carries charts and maps. Totz is the medicalunit and loves tatter tots. Howza is the ammo supplier and enjoysreloading during a battle.

2d, fantasy, landscape, elephants

by  Tyler Edlin

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