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Continente Del Taoism Picture  (2d, illustration)


In the near future at an alternative world, there lies a continentnorth to Tierra De Diosis and west to Continente Islamico calledContinente Del Taoism. This is a land where its people who devotedthemselves to Taoism religion and inherit the Tao philosophy andcultures which they have lives in harmony under the ruling of TheObserver government. The huge tower which takes the shape of theTaoism's Ying Yang symbol is a representation of their life devotion toTaoism, and the tower is connected to The Olympus Tower at Tierra DeDiosis to the south. They city is surrounded by futuristic tallbuildings inheriting the Chinese patterns and some of the old heritagebuildings from the past.

This art works is a series of concept done for my personal story project, The Guardian Cronology.

2d, illustration

by  Clarence Ong

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