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Underbridge Picture  (2d, fantasy, monster, creature, jellyfish, river, warrior)


Do you have this problem with time or rather lack of it? When suddenly
you got moment to do something just for you damn emptiness fills your
You starting dozen of useless sketches and after short moment
you know none of them is something you gonna finish later. At the end
you find yourself wasting all that precious moment...
There are few
random theme generators which I've never taken seriously - as I've
always thought this is cool tool just for speed painting due to a crazy
This time I decided to give it a try. I created 4
themes and tried to pick one of them for my next illustration. Here is
what I've chosen:
"- a lobotomized character dissects a jellyfish under a bridge"

PS. I've used a 3CH. I've found it long ago here:
Thanks for sharing it guys!

2d, fantasy, monster, creature, jellyfish, river, warrior

by  Teli

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