【red peony ★the flower marry (series)】 Picture

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●The HC student's work 【red peony ★the flower marry (series)】 (classmate in Hsinchu)
HOELEX teaching 【fairy maiden demon 】 (series) 
The demon turns to get fantasy example- huge Jiang computer Painter paint a curriculum.

In addition to wanting to draw Chinese shape, match the usage of material, let whole and better,
The topic turns XDDDD by the plant or the living creature demon
The result red peony draws complete really be like be getting married!!
Just like this get the shape true head will weigh very much!!(Feel to be good friends with a few taels...)
Mainly should is a little bit influenced by the shape of the inside of"the psychological attack accounts" XD(the insides type all pretty kill)

The demon fairy maidens of boundary in the sky

●Lotus pretty woman- 
●Field snail pretty woman-
●Mysterious tree fairy-
●Gold Phoenix-
●Butterfly pretty woman-
●Gold needle pretty woman-
●The Feng tail Die fairy-
●Lotus flower pretty woman-
●The cuckoo female fairy-
●The moon bewitching fairy-
●The crow bewitching fairy-

Come to the hard crystallize XD of sharing the classmates as follows>>>>
http://blog.yam.com/hoelex/article/30510460 ">http://blog.yam.com/hoelex/article/30510460 

2d, fantasy, illustration, girl, woman, flower

by  Alice★misa Hoelex

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