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Brian Picture  (2d, post apocalyptic, character)


He is Brian, a character of my story. 
He served in the army, Special Forces, a few years ago. Now, he is a clerk of an Art investment company.
Small metal holes of his arms are sockets which can connect his nano suit, during his time in the army. He is carrying a scroll holder, a painting in it. The painting is a clue for the solution of a big secret!
In this pic, Brian has been out of danger with Lucy’s help. (Lucy is the character of my last pic “Emergency”, you can check it out in my gallery.) The pistol is Lucy’s, high-tech from the planet RH-133. Brian’s other equipments are form HT-3201, he has been there for some time.
My English is suck.... I can not express myself well.
Hope you like it…!!!

2d, post apocalyptic, character

by  Rikelee

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