Polyphemus Gas Giant Picture

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Polyphemus Gas Giant Picture  (2d, sci-fi, creature)


An Image I did for Creature Plantes : Polyphemus Gas Giant.

Within the thick clouds of the planet Polyphemus; an elusive colossus exists. It is rare to witness the Polyphemus Gas Giant, but when it is seen in the open it is a site to behold. It emits gases from its porous epidermis as a natural camouflage, a literal smokescreen to blend into its habitat. It is a mystery to how large these graceful creatures are. Eyewitnesses have accounted seeing their tails extending kilometers without being able to see the end. It is still unsure to whether these conjectures are true or not.

What is known is that the creatures have a natural bioluminescence much like the animals found on Pandora. The Polyfemus Gas Giant uses its bioluminescent tongues to attract swarms of its microbial food. It is speculated that this species may have a distant relation to the animals found on Pandora due to its bioluminescence and its seemingly hexapod like appendages.

2d, sci-fi, creature

by  Nate Hallinan

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