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Mr. Nightmare Picture  (2d, fantasy, girl, woman, horror, nightmare)


Girl:"is anyone home?"
Mr. Nightmare was coughing:"ke!"
"Sir,sorry to interrupt,my teddy has lost its soul in sleep,i thought if you keeped it?!"girl said very carefully:"ohh!i think i'm in sleep as well??!"
"Yes,my little poor thing."a blurry、dirty voice answered:"the soul is in my hand,i can give it back to your teddy,but i also need your soul for exchange,don't forget,you're in your nightmare now....."
My recently work,a series called《toy's daydream 》,simliar to 《The dinner》 .The image is describe the scene of the teddy's dream,not the girl's. hope you guys like it!!All in photoshop,about 15hours.think you!
PS:Mr. Nightmare is a shadow among the wall and air.

2d, fantasy, girl, woman, horror, nightmare

by  Hong Kuang

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