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Siren Queen Picture  (3d, fantasy, siren, mermaid, queen)


"Beautiful yet dangerous, the siren queen will seduce any sailor to fall into her trap.Being a queen of the deep ocean, she can control deep sea creatures, and use them as her weapon.Her trusted minions are two frilled sharks, a shark like creature with a body of an eel."

This is my final entry for Armed and Dangerous competition. I try to keep it simple while still make it interesting and different.
Basemesh are modeled in 3ds max, and after I unwrap it, I bring it to mudbox for sculpting and texturing. Final render was done in 3ds max ( mental ray ). Some tweaks on the textures and final image adjustment are done in Photoshop.

3d, fantasy, siren, mermaid, queen

by  Marthin Agusta

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