"Deus EX: Purity First" Production Still 021 "Homeless" Picture

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"Deus EX: Purity First" Production Still 021 "Homeless" Picture  (3d, sci-fi, cyberpunk)


While working at Goldtooth Creative i was lucky enough to work as lead CG, model uprez, texturing, shading, and lighting of all CG elements for the Deus EX: Purity First viral commercial. I was responsible for all CG shots, modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering of the robotic appendages. It was a wicked experience with allot of freedom to really do great things at Goldtooth Creative. These Legs were rigged by Nate Breton, and while on set it was a great experience capturing hdri'swith VFX sup Keegen Douglas who tought me so much on set.

We captured and processed our own hdri from on set, matching CG materials into reality was a real learning experience, that evolved my lighting techniques.

*excuse the "treatment", it was used to make a viral spot feel

Deus EX: Purity First viral spot:

3d, sci-fi, cyberpunk

by  Mike Smith Kennard

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