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Monkey King Picture  (3d, fantasy, portrait, monkey, king)


Hi guys,this is my latest work.
Monkey King
I know there're so many different monkey king(monk,warrior,super muscle monster,...),and the ones western people made and eastern people made are totally different sometimes,quite interesting~
And i remember when i was a kid,there was a chinese TV series called<<the sequel of western journey>>,it said that the four guys have been back from western journey and Wukong was named as fighting Buddhist master(i don't know if the translation is correct),after a long time peaceful,Super Demon in the lower world suddenly fight toward heaven world. Buddha(Sakyamuni,the 1st guy of heaven world) has been killed,he was going to be reincarnated on a new born baby,demon wants to find the baby,and kill him, now the Wukong and his team were the last hope of the heaven world and human world,so they keeped the baby, fight with the demon.
Monkey king in this story is more mature,not only a fighter,but also a planner,the most smart guy for sure,pigsy was totally a fighter but more powerful like my last work,my last work pigsy is also a small part of the story,and Monk Tang...unfortunately he was prisoned by the demon...,but finally he was rescued and became a fighter,interesting...
so i made the monkey king in this way,a powerful leader and fighter:)
Here's the monkey king in this TV series:

Hope you like him

3d, fantasy, portrait, monkey, king

by  Wang Xiaoyu

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