Rubber Ducky the Cyborg Picture

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Rubber Ducky the Cyborg Picture  (2d, portrait, duck, cyborg)


On the previous work I did, I joked on how the Fishman is insecure about

his smile because of how his tooth was knocked out by the Rubber Ducky.

He is not full duck, he is part man, woodpecker, duck with a growth hormone deficiency (hence the name) and reptile.

He used to be less rugged, but that was before he took a vicious uppercut

to the pecker by the Uber Duber Mega Doomer, got a full nelson from

Mantis Mckinnon and burn marks from Ralphy the Acid Spitter.

The vicious uppercut also pressed his face in, also as a result he can't

close his mouth fully anymore. Which is the reason for his false teeth

that he loves to keep pearly white.

2d, portrait, duck, cyborg

by  Phill Simmer

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