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This is concept art from my illustrated novel `Ninemia` ( Antara book
2 ) the second book and sequel of `Antara`. I made this a year ago, I
hope you like it. 

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`Antara` is a duology for older teens. It`s about a modern fairy
tale with elements of romance, mystery and adventure, set in a
magical world with merfolk and humans. `Antara` is an
illustrated novel by me, and it includes 26
illustrations.`Ninemia` is the second and final part of `Antara` and
it includes 15 illustrations.
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 Tools ; Photosho Cs5 + Wacom intuos 3

© Marilena Mexi - Antara 2009 - 2011 All Rights Reserved

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2d, fantasy, mermaid, siren, romance, novel

by  Marilena Mexi

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