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Baran Picture  (3d, cartoon, girl, child, fantasy)


This is a 9min short film produced by Vishka Studio  and has taken a lot of time to create. It was mostly made for the festival circuits.

Detailed information about the production process and galleries can be seen on Vishka Studio's blog .

I contributed the original idea and directed the movie.

The following people contributed to this movie:

Producers: Vishka Assayesh, Reza Ghobady

Director: Ali Chenari

Scriptwriters: Danesh Gueeti, Arman Aryan

Character Designer: Hassan Tabrizi

Environment Designer: Soheil Danesh Eshraghi

Last shot concept: Kian Kiani

Storyboards: Hamed Kamali

Rigging and animation: Saman Korram

Additional animation: Farhad Youssefi

Modeling: Reza Ramezani, Mohammad Modaress

Texturing: Reza Ramezani, Alireza Nassr, Mohammad Modaress

Layout & effects: Adib Souly, Reza Ramezani

Lighting, rendering, compositing: Reza Ghobady

3d, cartoon, girl, child, fantasy

by  Alichenari

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