Scarlett - Because shes worth it. Picture

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Scarlett - Because shes worth it. Picture  (3d, character, woman, game art, rocket launcher)


This is a character i've been working on in my lunch breaks for a while now. Scarlett
is a character of my own design, but inspired by the many famous women
out there with big guns, spunky attitude and a healthy disregard for

Scarlett is a game res model though I
admit I could have been more efficient with UV layouts and polys ...
but what the hell..shes worth it!? This is all about the fun and the

Scarlett has seperate textures for the
skin, clothing, hair and RPG each with a normal map, Spec and Gloss.
With the exception of the Zbrush and Vray images everything else below has been grabed using the Xoliulshader2 and the grabViewport2.

A Big thanks to xoliul and his team for one hell of a viewport shader!

Scarlett was modeled in Max, Tarted up
in Zbrush, textured in Photoshop and the screenshots using the Xoulishader2,
again in 3dsMax 2012... Its NOT a Render! and No Photoshop tricky has been applied. Its 100% viewport grab. She is also rigged for animation, even with bones
for the skirt, and the facial expressions are morph targets.

3d, character, woman, game art, rocket launcher

by  Jaffajuice

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