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Monk !! Picture  (3d, character, monk, oriental, old man, caricature, monastery)


Hi! This is my latest work done for my demoreel for Melies 3d School. The original idea was to create a more realistic look monk, but in the middle of the project I decided to do a more stylized version.
One of my biggest inspirations for the mood was a movie called "Baraka" - an excellent database if you're looking for some lighting/mood references.
I really enjoyed this kind of stylized/realistic look, so I'm excited to develop more stuff following this kind of result!
Hope you all like it too!
By the way, I would like to thanks to my friends at TechnoImage for all the tips during the process!
Comments and critics are most welcome!

3d, character, monk, oriental, old man, caricature, monastery

by  Victor Maiorino Fernandes

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