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This is "SOS Motorcycle" my newest pinup project.
In that design I show a beautiful girl that just opened her own Motocycle recovery business.
kind of dirty and sweaty work can not draw her big motivation to do a
good job. With innovative ideas and creativity she always finds
solutions to recover tires that other professionals certainly would
never imagine.
She is a great hard worker as you can see!

my studio I use label this kind of pinup as " Classic Pinup Girls" and
my inspiration for that category are always my masters Leyendecker,
Norman Rockwell and Gil Elvgreen.
I've worked over several sketches
and choose the one I felt would be perfect to show my conceptual idea.
After scan it I've started the digital painting work on Photoshop.
In the playlist I used to inspire me on this image concept was basically: Seven Day Fool - Jully Black.
More details, references and closups will be in the workshop of this image that I will be publishing soon in :
_ My It'sPinup forum at It'sArt Mag website (">[link] );
_ My blog (">[link] ).

In my Facebook Fanpage (">[link] ) and Twitter (CRISDELARA_ART) I will inform to you all when this workshop will be available.

hope you enjoy this image and all your comments are very welcome! I am
already working on my next pinup and busy with commissions! Halloween is
coming and this season always makes me work a lot!!

Thanks to all!

2d, illustration, concept art, pin up, girl, woman

by  Cris De Lara Stockler

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