Fun In The Flurry Picture

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Fun In The Flurry Picture  (2d, cartoon, snow, environment, forest, leaf)


This image was inspired by background paintings done by Eyvind Earle for
the Walt Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. The story behind this image
is about a boy playing in the snow, watching how his leaf-parachute
dances in the wind, and making the most of a situation that most people
would not find joyful. I attempted to produce the simple yet detailed
brush strokes seen in the Sleeping Beauty film. I also focused on
keeping strong silhouettes, while creating movement for the eye to dance
around the picture in theme of the dancing leaf-parachute.

I am trying to improve my brushwork and attention to detail so any
feedback would be great, cheers!

2d, cartoon, snow, environment, forest, leaf

by  Michael Mcdonald

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