Desktop Wallpaper Tool

Enter desktop wallpaper resolution Default from your screen resolution

Drag & Drop an image to this region (if your browser supports HTML5) or load an image via the desktop wallpaper creation form.

You can take images to create desktop wallpaper from our digital art gallery: pictures or photos (every image has a floating tooltip where you can click the Get Desktop Wallpaper command). Alternatively, you can install the Google Chrome extension and make desktop wallpaper from any image found on the web.

Also, you can load an image with the form below:

  or URL

About Desktop Wallpaper Tool

With Desktop Wallpaper Tool you can quickly create desktop wallpaper. Simply load any image and it will be automatically adapted to your screen resolution. An image is adjusted either by cropping the part of it or by scaling, if the resolution of the original image differs from your desktop resolution. You can define the crop region and the screen resolution yourself.

Desktop Wallpaper Tool supports modern HTML5 capabilities such as: an offline work, drag&drop of an image to your browser directly from your folder without loading it in a browser first, and also scaling and cropping the image without connection to a server. All modern browsers such as Google Chrome >= 6, Firefox >= 3.6 and Internet Explorer >= 9 support these options.

If your browser doesn’t support HTML5, to create desktop wallpaper you can simply load an image to the server from your computer or place a link to an image in Internet.

Google Chrome Extension

If you have Google Chrome browser you can install a extension that shows a tooltip on every image found in Internet. The tooltip contains a Get Desktop Wallpaper link that opens Desktop Wallpaper Tool with that image.

Tips & Tricks

Use your browser’s default zoom feature if an image doesn’t fit browser’s window (usually it is Ctrl+Mouse wheel or Ctrl+- hotkeys).