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Veronique Meignaud aka Marmotte (b.1984) is a french freelanceillustrator living in Paris. After 2 years of formation at the EmileCohl Art School (Lyon / France), she spent almost 5 years working forthe video game industry as concept artist. Marmotte is now working forseveral publishers and and starting slowly in the fashion Industry.

Beside this, personal art projects are on-going, such as KEROGEN, an illustration book that will be published by the fresh Venusdea label (directed by Barbara Canepa & Clotilde Vu - Soleil Editions).

She has worked recently on a tutorial video for Massive Black, "Stream of Consciousness Illustration" is now available on Massive Black Download . Info here .


Computer games studios | Electronic Arts - Darkworks - Don't Nod Entertainment - Spiders Games - Tokkun Studio - Hydravision - Gameloft - Widescreen Games - Etranges Libellules - Wizarbox - Nemopolis.   
Fashion Design | Nike - Marc Ecko.

Publishers | Wizards of the Coast - Ankama Editions - Imagine FX mag.- Advance Photoshop mag. - Milan Jeunesse - ActuSF Editions.

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