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IБ─≥ve been painting digitally for 11 years, now. I have an architect degree and it was during my study that my interest for digital painting started. After the conclusion of my studies I worked in an architecture office for 2 years and in a 3D architectural visualization company for 3 years. Digital painting had always been a hobby, but for 3 years now I take it much more seriously. Currently I am working as a freelancer doing both 2d illustrations / matte paintings and 3d architectural visualizations. My work has been featured in several publications, like Expose, Exotique, ImagineFX and 2DArtist magazine, among others. I have done several illustrations for books, advertising, CD covers and games promotions, alongside 3d architectural visualizations.I enjoy watching movies, travelling, walking and playing the piano.Currently, I am 31 years old, living happily in Lisbon/Portugal together with my wife and dog.

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