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Zbrush sculptor, characterdesigner for movies and toys.
Goals: working for companies that have seriously influenced my workdrive over the years like Legacy Effects, Digital Domain, Gentle Giant Studios, ILM, Tippett Studio, DC Direct.
Becoming the best artist I can be.

Beta-tester Zbrush 4.0

10p. Interview 3Dcreative magazine, august 2010
link interview .pdf

'Trailer park queen' 3D Artist magazine may 2011 featured in 'the gallery'
'Centaur HQ' 3D Artist magazine april 2011 featured in 'the gallery'
'Baby-G idol' 3D Artist magazine april 2011 picture of the week
'Headhunter' 3D Artist magazine march 2011 picture of the month
'Medieval Demon' double feature in 3Dcreative magazine gallery, december 2010
interview    3D Artist magazine "Inspiration corner" printed november 2010
'Christopher Lee' featured in 3Dcreative magazine gallery, november 2010
Bug has received a 'Gold picture of the week Award' on 3Dartistonline
Mr. Wink has received a 'Gold Award' and editor's pick on CGhub 
13 x '3DTotal Exellence Awards',
'Gorilla King' featured in 3Dcreative magazine gallery, june 2010
'Centaur' featured in Magazine Render Out! Enero 2010, Numero 13
and also @ '35 Incredible 3D Renders' -
Turntables @ ">
'Wolfen' made it on a list '75-ugliest-and-scariest-monster-artworks' ">

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